Aims and Scope

The Journal of FOOD HYGIENE AND SAFETY is peer-reviewed journal published bimonthly (February 28, April 30, June 30, August 30, October 30 and December 30) and publishes research articles, research notes, and reviews articles on all aspects of Food Hygiene and Safety which bring novel information and research in either Korean or English. The goal of this journal is to induce a research relation and to promote study, research and the improvement of knowledge among the specialist. The main topics The Journal of FOOD HYGIENE AND SAFETY would welcome are:

(1) monitoring and epidemiological investigations of risk factors (microbial, chemical and physical) in foods, (2) detection and control technologies for food risk factors, and (3) food (agricultural, livestock and aquatic products) measures and techniques to ensure quality and safety, (4) food safety and risk assessment, (5) microorganisms, fermentation and biotechnology, (6) physiological activity of food, and (7) other food safety.

ISO abbreviation of Journal title
The official title of the journal is "Journal of Food Hygiene and Safety" and the abbreviated title is "J. Food Hyg. Saf."
Indexed in database
All of the articles in Journal of Food Hygiene and Safety are indexed in KCI.
Year of launching (history)
The JOURNAL OF FOOD HYGIENE AND SAFETY was launched in 1986.
Availability of the full text in the web
The URL address of the Journal is '' where full text is available.
Subscription information
Yearly subscription fee of the Journal is 50,000 KRW for a member of the Society, 10,000 KRW for a student member of the Society, and 120,000 KRW for a library member of the Society. Membership fee for first-time subscribers is 20,000 KRW.
Contact information
Manuscript should be submitted via the online submission central website [ (KOR) or (ENG)]. Other correspondences can be sent by homepage to (KOR) or (ENG), (Editor-in-Chief, Deog-Hwan Oh, 1110, Huanghua Building, 320, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06252, Korea Tel: 02-566-0417, Fax: 02-566-4417). The manuscript and other required documents including a completed Copyright Assignment Form and Checklist for original article can be attached through the online submission central website.