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ISSN : 1229-1153(Print)
ISSN : 2465-9223(Online)
Journal of Food Hygiene and Safety Vol.33 No.6 pp.500-509

Assessment of Nutritional Components, Antioxidant Contents and Physiological Activity of Purple Corn Husk and Cob Extracts

Ki Yeon Lee,Tae hee Kim,Jai Eun Kim,A-Reum Park,Hee Sun Noh,Si Chang Kim,Mun Seob Ahn,Hee Yeon Kim


The objective of this study was to investigate the worth of extract husk and cobs of the Seakso 1 (EHCS) for the functional foods. We aimed to investigate the proximate composition, fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidant active substance contents, antioxidant activity, inhibitory activity of the α-amylase and α-glucosidase. The proximate composition of the EHCS have represented 6.90% moisture, 7.31% crude ash, 0.52% crude fat and 7.07% crude protein. Among the 17 kinds of amino acids that were analyzed in thd EHCS, the glutamic acid was the highest, with 736.08 mg / 100 g. The fatty acids detected in the EHCS were palmitic acid oleic acid and linoleic acid. The proportion of the unsaturated fatty acids was 83.33%. We determined the contents of the antioxidant active substance by the total polyphenol and flavonoid. The total polyphenol and flavonoid contents were 99.87 mg/g and 25.02 mg/g, respectively. The antioxidative activity of the EHCS were determined using a DPPH and ABTS assay. In the antioxidative activity determination, the DPPH and ABTS radical scavenging activities were 95.62% (1,000 μg/mL) and 92.00% (10,000 μg/mL), respectively. The inhibitory activity of α-amylase and α-glucosidase (10 mg/mL) were 95.86% and 76.92%, respectively. These results suggest that the EHCS could be potentially used as a resource for the bioactive materials for health functional foods.

자색옥수수 포엽과 속대 혼합 추출물의 영양성분, 항산화 활성 물질 함량분석 및 생리활성 평가



본 연구는 색소 1호 포엽과 속대 추출물의 영양성분을 분석하고 항산화 및 항당뇨 활성을 검정하여 향후 기능성 식품으로서의 활용을 위한 기초자료로 제공하고자 수행되었다. 색소 1호 포엽과 속대 추출물의 일반성분 분석결과, 수분, 조회분, 조지방, 조단백질은 각각 6.90%, 7.31%, 0.52%, 7.07%이었다. 색소 1호 포엽 및 속대 혼합추출물의 지방산은 palmitic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid인 것으로 나타났으며 불포화 지방산의 비율은 83.33%이었다. 색소 1호 포엽 및 속대 혼합추출물의 구성 아미노산 함량을 분석한 결과 glutamic acid, aspartic acid 등을 포함한 총 17종의 아미노산이 검출되었으며 이중 glutamic acid의 함량이 736.08 mg / 100 g으로 가장 높았다. 색소 1호 포엽 및 속대 추출물의 DPPH 및 ABTS radical 소거활성은 각각 95.62% (1,000 μg/mL), 92.00% (10,000 μg/mL)이었으며 총 폴리페놀 및 플라보노이드 함량은 각각 99.87 mg/g, 25.02 mg/g이었다. 색소 1호 포엽 및 속대 추출물의 α-amylase 및 α-glucosidase 저해활성은 추출물 10 mg/mL의 처리농도에서 각각 95.86%, 76.92% 인 것으로 나타났다.